ice creams and cones


party pleasing appetizers

sensational side dishes


creamy cheesecakes

so elegant and easy


red velvet cupcakes

simply scrumptious!

perfect mayo

the perfect nut-free creamy mayo for "tuna" salad



classic pizza Marguerite,with freshly grated mozzarella


caprese salad

delicious with fresh vegan mozzarella


carrot cake

grab a fork and dig in to this moist cake

crunchy granola

enjoy this blissful granola

maple leaf candy

a taste of Vermont!

butterball cookies

raw sweets are so much fun!

pasta Italiano

my favorite "pasta" sauce

wonderful waldorf salad

the classic crisp salad with creamy dressing

boursin herbed cheeze wheel

learn how to make this delightful cheeze and crackers

delightful Asian veggies

crisp and fresh with an authentic Asian flavor

hot buffalo tenders

my vegan version of the tasty "hot wings"!

taco filling

a nut free taco "meat"

vegan deviled eggs!

I'll share my secret for making this unique appetizer that may even fool the hens!

Upcoming Book

Please enjoy some photos of raw recipes that will be featured in my book.

No animals were harmed in the creation of these meals ;)